Texas Drought Monitor (08/04)!

DROUGHT INDEX: Latest Texas Drought Monitor has been released for the Lone Star State, showing deteriorating drought conditions across much of Texas.

Here, in the Brazos Valley, drought conditions continue to worsen and expand. In early Spring, the Brazos Valley picked up some beneficial rainfall that delayed these worsening conditions this summer, while the rest of the Lone Star State lacked that rainfall and started seeing drought conditions early on. Either way, these horrific drought conditions can be attributed to a lack of rainfall in recent months and well above-average temperatures this summer.

EXTREME DROUGHT‘ (D3 – Drought Stage) conditions now expand across half of the 16 counties in the Brazos Valley, mostly west of the Highway 6 Corridor and a small portion running through Brazos, Grimes, Madison, and Walker Counties and in Montgomery and San Jacinto Counties. ‘EXCEPTIONAL DROUGHT‘ (D4 – DROUGHT STAGE/HIGHEST ON SCALE) run through the Southwestern Brazos Valley, while everyone else has (at the least), ‘SEVERE DROUGHT‘ (D2 – Drought Stage) conditions.

Stay with Madison County, Texas Weather for the latest weather and tropical developments, including: current radars, watches, warnings, advisories, and severe weather coverage.

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