Chilly Weekend, 40° Wind Chills!

Chilly Weekend: Cold Front, Soggy Rains, & 40° Wind Chills!
(11/21/2019) Rainfall Total: —
Burn Bans: Austin & Washington Counties!
Current Watches, Warnings, & Advisories: None!
Forecast Discussion:
Our next major cold front is expected to reach the Brazos Valley through the day Friday, bringing colder, soggy weather for a good portion of the day and setting up a cooler weekend. Here is how the timeline breaks down for the cold front arrival for different portions of the Brazos Valley:
Friday Cold Front Timing-
•Northern Brazos Valley: 4-6 AM
•Central Brazos Valley: 6-10 AM
•Southern Brazos Valley: 10 AM – 1 PM
Along the leading edge of this frontal system, a thin line of showers, few embedded thunderstorms will sweep the Brazos Valley. While widespread severe weather isn’t expect, the National Weather Service Storm Prediction Center has placed the Central/Eastern Brazos Valley under a ‘MARGINAL RISK’ for a few stronger to severe storms. If any stronger storm forms, wind gusts upward to 40 mph is possible, but there is a chance a shelf of colder air could undercut any storms severe capabilities to form and cause havoc.
Once this system arrives, temperatures drop from the upper 60’s to lower 70’s into the middle 50’s within a matter of 60 minutes. We’ll expect temperatures in the middle 50’s through early afternoon and the lower 50’s by late afternoon. Factoring in a strong wind, we’ll see wind chill values in the lower 50’s through a good portion of Friday (40’s by the evening). A quieter, sunnier weekend for the Brazos Valley, as mornings fall in the 40’s, with afternoon highs in the 60’s.
5 Day Weather Outlook:
Friday: High 69. Low 39. Cold/Soggy. 70% Chance of Rain.
Saturday: High 61. Low 40. Mostly Sunny
Sunday: High 68. Low 50. Mostly Sunny.
Monday: High 76. Low 63. Mostly Sunny.
Tuesday: High 75. Low 54. Mixture. 20% Chance of Rain.
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